HIC,is manufacturers of conveyor belt hawk fastener, elevator belting fang bolt, leather belting grip-well fasteners exporters from India

Oval Belt Fastener
Belt Fastener
Oval Type in Steel & Castings

Elevator Bolt Fang Type
Elevator Bolt
Fang Type

Euro Bolt Belt Fastener
Euro Bolt Belt Fastener

Train Lighting Belt Fastener Walker Type
Train Lighting Belt
Fastener Walker Type

Steel Belt Lacing
Steel Belt Lacing

Belt Fastener Selection Quick Guide
Fastener Size Rubber Belt Thickness Range
( mm )
For belting with
allowable working
tension of fasteners
ratings upto

( kN / m )    ( .I.W. )
Pulley Diameter Minimum Suggested 
( mm )
1 5 to 11 30 150 300
1.5 11 to 17 50 300 450
2 14 to 21 75 440 750
2.5 19 to 25 75 450 1050
3 24 & bove 100 560 1200


* Fastener sets requirements are approximately upto 5% roughly of belt width eg. 600mm wide belting will require upto 30 nos. sets to make a single joint.

Belt Fastener Information To Be Supplied With Enquiry or Order

1. Belt Fastener Type, i.e. whether hawk type & so on.
2. Belt Size & Thickness
3. Belt Service Application
4. Quantity in numbers


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