manufacturers of conveyor belts,conveyor idlers,v-belt pulleys,rubber hoses,flexible couplings,check valves,electric mats, rubber sheets,reliable exporter to america, germany,italy,france,uk,brazil,south korea

LPumpingEqptBall/Needle Screwed& Flanged VALVES Forged Bar Stock upto 4” NB as per BS: 5351

UNIVERSAL  Quality Body Seal Material For Given Pressure & Temp. Advantage is proven in oil refineries, petrochemicals, solvent extraction, brewery, refrigeration, food, etc. 


ABCDMotor/SPB SPC Centrifugal / VariSpeed VBELTS  Poly Cord upto 400” L as per IS:2494

UNIVERSAL  High Wear Resistant & Minimal Stretch Quality is proven in sugar mills, fertilizers, milk plants, paper mills, textiles, bearings, cement, etc.


Tyre / Pin Bush / Gear/ Star Spider COUPLINGS  Cast Iron  upto 21” OD as per HICs stds.

UNIVERSAL High Shock Absorption & Minimal Slippage Quality is proven in generators mfrs,power stations mfrs, crane & mining machinery,metals & foundry, etc.


TaperLock VGroove Mill Mach / Engg Eqpt Timing PULLEYS C.I. upto 50”OD as per IS:3142

UNIVERSAL  Statically Balanced & Proper Angle Grooved Quality is proven in cement mach, fertilizers, sugar mills, auto vehicle mfrs, machine tools, etc.


FloorInsulation 33 KV Resistant ELECTRIC MATS  Chequered Plain upto 25mm thick as per IS: 5424

UNIVERSAL  Shock Proof Floorings Anti Skid Quality is proven for safety needs near electric panel boards area in power house, electricity board, etc.

within 3-4 weeks variable to ordered specs & quantity and may get in touch with area HIC Rep or auth. Dealer.


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